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Amazon Releases Unlimited Everything Service

Screenshot of Amazon Cloud Drive website

A couple days ago Amazon released a new cloud storage service called Unlimited Everything. And it’s very affordable, especially compared to Dropbox.

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Slash PNG File Sizes

Link wallpaper preview

This PNG optimzer website called TinyPNG shrunk my PNG by more than 50%. Very impressive.

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Picking a Web Font

Screenshot of 5 Rules of Typography blogpost

The web primarily consists of text. How do you know what typography to use? Hint: Not Comic Sans. 😉

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Making a Design Decision with Desinion

Screenshot of Desinion website

Here’s an interesting website to practice your design decision-making and help fellow designers at the same time. It’s called Desinion, a website where designers post incomplete designs and/or vote on their favorites.

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Host a Website on Dropbox with

Host a Website on Dropbox with

If you already use Dropbox and want to make a quick ‘n dirty website, let me introduce you to publishes simple websites just by using the files in one of your Dropbox folders; and it’s easy to use

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Wanna Build a Logo

Wanna Build a Logo

If you’re like me, making a logo is a curious thing. Essentially a great logo captures the spirit or key message of a organization and condenses it into an recognizable, graphical form that lasts the test of time. Weird, yeah?

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Make Photoshop Faster

Photoshop logo on a photo of pit crew

If Photoshop is a part of your workflow, you’ve probably experienced slow downs at times (no bueno). So let’s fix that with some optimizations.

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7 UI Rules for Newbies

Screenshot of 7 Rules UI blogpost

Good UI design feels right and seems to magically makes sense. Creating it can appear mysterious; but UX designer Erik D. Kennedy pulls back the curtain in two blogposts to reveal 7 principles that you can follow to build simple,

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Free Icon Sets

Screenshot of blogpost

Dude, free icons! Nice ones, too. These are even available for commercial use.

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Colors from Google’s Material Design

Screenshot of MaterialPalette website

Google’s material design for its apps and Lollipop Android OS made waves for its lovely flat design and slick animations. Now you can easily get its colors for your project with

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