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Lovely Pack of Neutral Gradients

Screenshot of gradients

I came across this sweet collection of neutral gradient backgrounds and thought I’d share them with ya.

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Slash PNG File Sizes

Link wallpaper preview

This PNG optimzer website called TinyPNG shrunk my PNG by more than 50%. Very impressive.

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Is the Picture Element the Answer?

Question mark

From time immemorial, this question has continued to plague the minds of many a web designer: “How can I deliver only the most awesome-est images to a web browser?” There are so many different size screens and screen resolutions nowadays

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Wrangle those Social Media Image Dimensions

Screenshot of Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you’re a social media juggler, you know it can be a hassle trying to make sure your brand image is consistent in each social network. So here’s a helpful infographic that can make it a little easier for you.

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Slap on Some Free Textures

Screenshot of texture Retina_wood__2X

Ah, textures. They can add a tactile feeling to your website that ties everything together. Maybe you want a soft paper feel or even a gritty, urban one. Textures can be tricky to get right, especially if you need a

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ImageOptim Puts Big Images on a Diet

Big images can sloooow down your website. That’s bad news because it’ll annoy your website visitors and decrease their willingness to see your offers or buy from you. But never fear, ImageOptim is a free, open-source Mac app that puts

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