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Efficient Responsive Design Process

Designing a website responsively encompasses a lot of stuff, not just coding. Things like gathering content, collaborating with clients and coworkers, reiterating designs, so on and so forth. Today’s link here helps to deal with that complexity and is quite

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Add Your Own Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Woman typing on Macbook

Mac only: Keyboard shortcuts are the bee’s knees for getting things done quickly, but sometimes there’s no keyboard shortcut for a command you use often. Let’s fix that, shall we?

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CSS Centering Tool

Screenshot of How to Center in CSS webapp

Find your center. Breathe. Nope, we ain’t in a yoga studio. Just testing out this new CSS centering tool. 🙂

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Apology and Coding Bootcamp

Sad-looking dog lying on the floor

Sorry, homey. I failed to write blogposts for you for the last 2 Saturdays (thus, the sad dog pic). But there’s an interesting development.

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Host a Website on Dropbox with

Host a Website on Dropbox with

If you already use Dropbox and want to make a quick ‘n dirty website, let me introduce you to publishes simple websites just by using the files in one of your Dropbox folders; and it’s easy to use

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Extra Emmet Tricks

Statues talking about Emmet

Emmet is awesome ‘cuz it makes typing HTML and CSS so much easier. Just type a small Emmet snippet, hit the Tab key, and boom! It’ll automagically type out a big chunk of code for you. But I came across

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Bulk File Renaming in Yosemite

This week’s nugget is about making file renaming easier on Mac’s new OS Yosemite (‘cuz ain’t nawbody got time fo’ dat!). If you’re a photographer or have to regularly maintain a boatload of files, this is a handy tip from

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Business Card Inspiration

Screenshot of business card post with a heart

Ah, business cards. Call me a weirdo, but I have a thing for well-designed business cards. Ok, you can stop snickering now. 1stwebdesigner posted a collection of ’em that are just dandy.

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Google’s Leaked Quality Guidelines

Cat talking about Google rating.

Looks like the cat’s outta the bag regarding what Google looks for to rate a website for quality. Most of it is common sense, but it’s encouraging to see that quality is rewarded a better rating. For example, citing your

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Create Your Own Custom Maps

Screenshot of Snazzy Maps website

Maps can be a little boring sometimes ‘cuz they all look the same; or at their worst, can clash with the rest of the website’s colors. But here are a couple ways to liven them up to flow with your

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