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Git and WordPress Sandwich

Git and WordPress Sandwich

In this week’s post, Git and WordPress are coming together like ham and cheese (yummy!). I recently came across a series of videos by WordCamp speaker Amelia Briscoe showing how to set up Git’s awesome version control with WordPress.

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Bulk File Renaming in Yosemite

This week’s nugget is about making file renaming easier on Mac’s new OS Yosemite (‘cuz ain’t nawbody got time fo’ dat!). If you’re a photographer or have to regularly maintain a boatload of files, this is a handy tip from

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ImageOptim Puts Big Images on a Diet

Big images can sloooow down your website. That’s bad news because it’ll annoy your website visitors and decrease their willingness to see your offers or buy from you. But never fear, ImageOptim is a free, open-source Mac app that puts

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