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Screenhero for Pair-Programming

Screenhero message with superhero action figure

Screenhero is my hero! (Brilliant tagline, I know) What makes Screenhero great is that it makes remote pair-programming dead simple and is more than simple screensharing like in Skype or Google Hangouts. I’ve tried it out recently and will explain

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Get the Most Out of Slack

Slack tricks

Slack got yo back. Released in 2013, the Slack app has been making waves as an awesome chat and collaboration tool for teams and businesses. Some might even dare say it will eliminate email. But to really power it up,

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Photoshop Now With Artboards

Photoshop artboards preview

Photoshop CC just gotta big update with multiple art boards. If you use Photoshop to help you design apps or design websites this can be a great new feature for you.

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Diving into Sublime Text

Screenshot of Sublime Text tutorial

“To know your code editor is to know the force”, Yoda would have said if he was a web developer. 🙂 But seriously, the faster you can wrangle code and data with you code editor, the more productive you’ll be

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Wrangling Text with TextFlow

Screenshot of TextFlow

Mac only: Sometimes it’s a pain working with text and extracting data from it. It’s tedious and easy to make a typo or miss a snippet of data. Let’s do something about that.

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Sketch Tricks for Better Workflow

Screenshot of 11 Tips for Prototyping with Sketch blogpost

Mac only: Sketch is a great tool that’s become quite popular (also one of my fave apps). This week’s blip highlights a cool blogpost that shares meaty shortcuts and GIF’s to make working in Sketch even faster.

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Amazon Releases Unlimited Everything Service

Screenshot of Amazon Cloud Drive website

A couple days ago Amazon released a new cloud storage service called Unlimited Everything. And it’s very affordable, especially compared to Dropbox.

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Make Photoshop Faster

Photoshop logo on a photo of pit crew

If Photoshop is a part of your workflow, you’ve probably experienced slow downs at times (no bueno). So let’s fix that with some optimizations.

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7 New Chrome DevTool Features

Screen Shot of Chrome Mobile Emulator

If you’re a web developer, your browser’s developer tools are crucial to your workflow. Today’s nugget is about 7 recent Google Chrome Developer features that you may not know about and that may make your job a bit smoother.

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Sketch—An Adobe Alternative

Screenshot of Sketch project example

Mac only: Adobe has competition (Yay!). Some designers have switched to other apps that offer faster workflows and more intuitive tools. One of them is Sketch—one of my favorite apps.

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