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Faster web browsing with Vimium

Screen Shot of Vimium Chrome extension

Look, Mom, no mouse! This week’s blogpost could change how you browse the web and power you up into a keyboard ninja.

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Typing Classical Music

Screen Shot of Touch Pianist web app

Fun: Instead of tapping on your computer keyboard, let’s mix things up and use it to play classical music, shall we?

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Making Smooth Beats

Screenshot of patatap website

Fun: For a long time, I’ve dabbled at times with drums trying to make some cool beats (alas, it’s been mostly for naught). Today’s nugget is a rhythm game web app called Patatap that actually does make some smooth beats.

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Oh hi logic game

Screen Shot of Oh hi game

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family. This week’s post is all fun (‘cuz we still probably can’t think from being in a food stupor). Say “Hi” to Oh hi, a simple logic game sorta like

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Logo Horrors

Screen Shot of Generic Logos webpage

*Dun-dun-dun-duuuuun* When I looked outside, I saw… them! RUN! As you can tell from that disturbing intro, I’m talking ’bout cloned logos.

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Fun Radial Gradient Tool

Screenshot of draGGradients

Here’s a fun tool for creating cool radial gradients in CSS called draGGradients. Color me impressed (color pun, ha!)

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Fun with the Pen Tool

Screen Shot of The Bézier Game

We’re keeping things playful in this post. If you found the pen tool to be mysterious, check out this little game that introduces you to it and helps you practice. It’s called “The Bézier Game”.

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