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Tool for Typographic Vertical Rhythm

Screen Shot of Gridlover webapp

Text is everywhere on the web. Why you’re reading some right now (mind-blowing, I know). Making that text look great, readable, and organized takes some legwork; but here’s a tool that can give your text styles a great start called—Gridlover.

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Swap a Website’s Font

Screen Shot of TypeWonder web app

If it’s time to give your website a refresh, here’s a font web app that you’ll like. It’s called TypeWonder, and it let’s you preview a website with a different font.

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Picking a Web Font

Screenshot of 5 Rules of Typography blogpost

The web primarily consists of text. How do you know what typography to use? Hint: Not Comic Sans. 😉

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Typecast is Free

Screenshot of Typecast blogpost

Well, just in time for the holidays; Typecast is now free! For those unfamiliar with it, Typecast is an online web app that makes it much easier to compare fonts from a large library and prototype your web design’s typography.

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