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Copying Great Designers

UI practice based on Kerem Suer app

“Good artists copy; great artists steal”, so the quote goes. Mike Locke, a UI (user interface) and web designer, recommends copying your favorite designers to really grow one’s skills. So I gave it a shot by copying Kerem Suer.

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Case Study on SoundCloud App

Screen Shot of Soundcloud case study

Hey, this is my first blogpost of 2016! Kewl. Today I’m sharing an meaty case study on SoundCloud’s app redesign.

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UI Inspiration

Screen Shot of 100 Days UI challenge

Sweet UI galore, Batman! Check out these UI shots at this cool website at

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Learning Faster

Child reading a book

Man, am I going through this: “The more you know, the more you realize how little you know.” And no, I don’t know who said that (see what I did there?). It can be overwhelming, but there are some key

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Designing City Flags

This week’s nugget is for inspiration and is a TEDTalks video featuring Roman Mars, host of the popular “99% Invisible” podcast. He shares flag design principles and highlights the good, bad, and ugly of city flags. You just might be

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