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Man, am I going through this: “The more you know, the more you realize how little you know.” And no, I don’t know who said that (see what I did there?). It can be overwhelming, but there are some key strategies that can make your path to mastery a little more sure-footed.

Diving into a cool topic or skill is often exciting at first. But as we dig deeper into the topic, increasing complexity can begin to bog us down; and the magic of learning starts feeling more like a never-ending maze. Oi.

Thankfully, you’re not alone; because most, if not all, experts have gone through similar slumps. Sean Kim at Thinkful shares some learning strategies and then sums them up.

Here’s the summary of main points discussed in the ultimate guide to hacking the learning curve:

  • Model an expert who’s been there and don’t reinvent the wheel
  • Deconstruct the skills that will deliver 80 percent of results
  • Stop Multitasking
  • Reps, reps, reps! then seek immediate feedback
  • Go Long and don’t quit before or during the dip

Check out the full blogpost to fully power-up your learning.

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