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Case Study on SoundCloud App

Screen Shot of Soundcloud case study

Hey, this is my first blogpost of 2016! Kewl. Today I’m sharing an meaty case study on SoundCloud’s app redesign.

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Video: Functional Programming with Javascript

While surfing the interwebs, I came across this video series about functional programming with Javascript by Mattias Petter Johansson. I liked them because he explains concepts at a easy-to-follow pace with clear examples and a smattering of humor here and

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7 UI Rules for Newbies

Screenshot of 7 Rules UI blogpost

Good UI design feels right and seems to magically makes sense. Creating it can appear mysterious; but UX designer Erik D. Kennedy pulls back the curtain in two blogposts to reveal 7 principles that you can follow to build simple,

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Git With It

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got into Git! As the video explains, Git is a version control software that helps you to manage different versions of your files especially when you’re working with a team of

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