Website Overhaul for Waipahu United Pentecostal Church


Screenshot of Waipahu United Pentecostal Church's website designed by Stephen Thompson at Code Flowed
Screenshot of Waipahu United Pentecostal Church's website on a smartphone-like screen

Waipahu UPC’s original website was in a sorry state. Its content and design were bare and didn’t reflect the vibrance of the church, and it relied on outdated HTML code that didn’t adjust the webpages to mobile browsers. Pastor Lopez wanted something better, and I was happy to help.

The church staff and I collaborated to build a new information architecture, select a CMS and visual design, write new copy, and gather choice photos. Now that the revamped, responsive website is live, visitors can browse a warm, professional website to learn more about the church and its ministries, see upcoming events, get driving directions, and more. The church is saving money, too, because its new CMS offers better features while costing less—the cherry on top. Note: project completed free-of-charge.

What I did:

  • Planned new information architecture for new content
  • Guided church staff to select from 3 style tiles for the website’s visual design
  • Gathered and edited photos including staff portraits
  • Customized CMS theme with CSS styles
  • Researched and wrote most of the copy

Website Redesign for Music Teacher Myles Darnell


Screenshot of Melodies For Life's website designed by Stephen Thompson at Code Flowed
Screenshot of MelodiesForLife website on a smartphone.

Music teacher Myles Darnell wanted to get his one-page website updated to work on mobile devices (it was built on Adobe Flash). He also wanted extra webpages that he could publish in the future as he added on more music services and brought in more instructors.

After we chose Squarespace as our CMS, I began creating the pages and merging in his previous website’s content. I also wrote custom code that adds additional sidebar features on the unreleased future pages. The website is now ready to grow with his business in the future. And since the website is now in native HTML and fully responsive, his students and students-to-be can use their mobile devices to get the info they need from his website easy-peasy.

What I did:

  • Modified design and code of Squarespace template
  • Advised on UI (User Interface)
  • Built unreleased extra webpages for future use

Website Redesign for Pastor Isaac Soria


Screenshot of Apostolic Tabernacle's website designed by Stephen Thompson at Code Flowed
Screenshot of Apostolic Tabernacle website on a smartphone.

Originally this website was built on Adobe Flash which unfortunately many mobile devices can’t run. It also had a fixed layout meaning that even on devices that could run Flash, visitors couldn’t view the whole website if their browser windows were too small. Pastor Soria also wanted a new redesign that would incorporate some of his new art assets. It was time for an upgrade.

To start off the project, we built a new information architecture and decided to use WordPress. After we settled on a premium WordPress theme, I began building the pages, customizing the design, tweaking the responsive features, and completed the WordPress server setup. Now visitors can view the new website on their mobile devices; and the website reflects Pastor Soria’s new artwork material, offers visitors more usable navigation, and sports additional pages like a blog and donation page. Note: project completed free-of-charge.

What I did:

  • Created a new information architecture
  • Setup WordPress CMS
  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Customized responsive design

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