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Making Noise with CSS

Screenshot of CSS Noise blogpost

Just so we’re on the same page, this post’s title is referring to visual noise, not audible noise. Visual noise is like what you see when you turn on a TV on a channel with no antennae signal. Adding a

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Efficient Responsive Design Process

Designing a website responsively encompasses a lot of stuff, not just coding. Things like gathering content, collaborating with clients and coworkers, reiterating designs, so on and so forth. Today’s link here helps to deal with that complexity and is quite

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Wix vs. Weebly

Wix vs. Weebly Pingdom performance screenshot

Ladies and gents, we’re having a showdown between Wix and Weebly for the crown of best website creator! Let the battle begin!

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Copying Great Designers

UI practice based on Kerem Suer app

“Good artists copy; great artists steal”, so the quote goes. Mike Locke, a UI (user interface) and web designer, recommends copying your favorite designers to really grow one’s skills. So I gave it a shot by copying Kerem Suer.

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Case Study on SoundCloud App

Screen Shot of Soundcloud case study

Hey, this is my first blogpost of 2016! Kewl. Today I’m sharing an meaty case study on SoundCloud’s app redesign.

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UI Inspiration

Screen Shot of 100 Days UI challenge

Sweet UI galore, Batman! Check out these UI shots at this cool website at

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Faster web browsing with Vimium

Screen Shot of Vimium Chrome extension

Look, Mom, no mouse! This week’s blogpost could change how you browse the web and power you up into a keyboard ninja.

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Tool for Typographic Vertical Rhythm

Screen Shot of Gridlover webapp

Text is everywhere on the web. Why you’re reading some right now (mind-blowing, I know). Making that text look great, readable, and organized takes some legwork; but here’s a tool that can give your text styles a great start called—Gridlover.

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Lovely Pack of Neutral Gradients

Screenshot of gradients

I came across this sweet collection of neutral gradient backgrounds and thought I’d share them with ya.

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Add Your Own Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Woman typing on Macbook

Mac only: Keyboard shortcuts are the bee’s knees for getting things done quickly, but sometimes there’s no keyboard shortcut for a command you use often. Let’s fix that, shall we?

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