ImageOptim Puts Big Images on a Diet

Big images can sloooow down your website. That’s bad news because it’ll annoy your website visitors and decrease their willingness to see your offers or buy from you.

But never fear, ImageOptim is a free, open-source Mac app that puts your images on a diet

, meaning faster website load times. It’s easy to include in your current workflow, and it does NOT degrade your image quality. Win!

Btw, if you’re on a Windows machine, there’s a similar app you called Trimage. I haven’t tried it myself, but the developer said it’s actually inspired by ImageOptim. Might be worth a go.

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  1. […] a PNG of Link, one of my favorite video game characters, and even optimized it with ImageOptim (which I featured before); but the image was still a large 1.1MB. I uploaded it to TinyPNG, and it shrank the image down to […]

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