Apology and Coding Bootcamp

Sad-looking dog lying on the floor

Sorry, homey. I failed to write blogposts for you for the last 2 Saturdays (thus, the sad dog pic). But there’s an interesting development.

This last Saturday was pretty hectic so that’s part of my excuse; though I’m not sure why I didn’t write anything the week before. My bad.

Anyhoo, on to the exciting news…

In the beginning of May, I plan to attend an online coding bootcamp called the FirehoseProject so I can gain new skills in programming and backend development (learning Ruby and Javascript, writing and debugging programs, team collaboration on code, interacting with a mentor, etc.) If time permits, I plan to blog some of my experiences which you may find interesting. Or at the least, it’ll reinforce what I’ve learned. If you have any tips for learning programming, please, do share.

I’m excited to take this step; and with God’s direction, I’d like to see this be a good career move, too. So be on the lookout for posts delving into programming concepts, adventures in debugging, coding an app, and the like. Thanks for sticking with me, and I hope you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

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