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Screenshot of texture Retina_wood__2X

Ah, textures. They can add a tactile feeling to your website that ties everything together. Maybe you want a soft paper feel or even a gritty, urban one. Textures can be tricky to get right, especially if you need a seamless one to repeat across your website. Thankfully, here are 2 resources with quality textures for ya.

Subtle Patterns website

Screenshot of Subtle Patterns website
First up is Subtle Patterns. It’s got more patterns than you can shake a stick at; and while most are subtle (as you’d have guessed), there are a few bold patterns, too. They’re all free to use in your commercial projects as long as is credited. A great resource for patterns or inspiration.

Transparent Textures website

Screenshot of Transparent Textures website
Now maybe you’re eyeing a pattern at Subtle Patterns, but wish it was a different color. Well that’s where Transparent Textures steps in. It’s actually built on top of Subtle Patterns; and you can shift the color of its patterns to your liking. Check both these websites for yourself. 🙂

Photo credit: Subtle Patterns cc3

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