Hellooooooo world!

Star Wars lego minifigure leaning on small globe of earth

In case you didn’t know, this is the 1st post of my 1st blog. Ever. Huzzah!

To start things off, Blips blog will focus a lot on web design, tech, and other nerdy topics (Star Wars anyone?). So don’t be surprised if you see me geeking out over obscure topics. 🙂 It’s my hope that the tips here make your life a little easier and that you enjoy the cool tidbits I’ll be sharing on a weekly basis. I’ve learned so much from the web community, and I can use Blips to pay it forward.

Since I’m dipping my toes in blogging, please be kind in your comments and emails (yes, I do also correspond via email).

I’ll be keeping things short-n-sweet. So thanks for joining me on this journey of a thousand… blips. Until next time.

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This here fine blog is a collection of shiny things I've curated on my web travels. I'll be sharing a weekly nugget on—web design, marketing, cool tools, tech—and maybe a screencast or two.

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