Sip for Color Picking

Sip for Color Picking
Screenshot of Sip's website

If you’re on a Mac and need to quickly grab colors off your screen, say “Hello” to my little friend Sip. It’s a wonderful free app that I wish I’d known about sooner.

I previously used the Mac’s built-in DigitalColor Meter app to grab color values, and it did an ok job. But this little app Sip really is a step up in color picking. I really like its more intuitive floating magnifier vs. DigitalColor Meter’s fixed box magnifier. You can customize it more; and change its keyboard shortcuts to your liking (Woot!).

And just look at its smorgasbord of color formats. Goodness gracious!

Screenshot of Sip's options

Do yourself a favor and download this amazingly free app Sip.

By the way, if you’re on a Windows PC, a free alternative I used before was ColorPic. Not as slick and customizable as Sip, but it gets the job done.