Making Sense of Amazon Web Services

Screen Shot of AWS in English blogpost

Amazon’s web services have a great reputation and are used by big companies to host their web apps. But man, are the services’ names confusing; and there’s a boatload of ’em, too. It’s a mess really; but good news, it’s been translated for us. Read more ›

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Swap a Website’s Font

Screen Shot of TypeWonder web app

If it’s time to give your website a refresh, here’s a font web app that you’ll like. It’s called TypeWonder, and it let’s you preview a website with a different font. Read more ›

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A Grid in CSS’s Future

Screen Shot of CSS Grid Layout blogpost

Today we’re talking CSS layouts—bleeding edge version. Specifically CSS Grid Layout. Grids are one of the best tools for designers to organize content beautifully and give visitors meaningful context; but implementing them in CSS is cumbersome at best. That’ll change in the future though. Read more ›

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Tweaking Sublime Text for Ruby coding

Screen Shot of Sublime Text preferences menu

Sublime Text 3 is my go-to code editor these days; and while it’s great out-of-the-box, you can customize it to make it fit your workflow a bit better. In this blogpost, we’re going to cover a little bit about customizing it for Ruby. Read more ›

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Video: Functional Programming with Javascript

While surfing the interwebs, I came across this video series about functional programming with Javascript by Mattias Petter Johansson. I liked them because he explains concepts at a easy-to-follow pace with clear examples and a smattering of humor here and there. Read more ›

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Screenhero for Pair-Programming

Screenhero message with superhero action figure

Screenhero is my hero! (Brilliant tagline, I know) What makes Screenhero great is that it makes remote pair-programming dead simple and is more than simple screensharing like in Skype or Google Hangouts. I’ve tried it out recently and will explain why. Read more ›

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Get the Most Out of Slack

Slack tricks

Slack got yo back. Released in 2013, the Slack app has been making waves as an awesome chat and collaboration tool for teams and businesses. Some might even dare say it will eliminate email. But to really power it up, there are some cool tricks and services you can hook up with it. Read more ›

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Master Code at Codewars

Screen Shot of Codewars website

FirehoseProject: If you’re learning to code, here’s a cool website where you can practice your coding chops: Codewars. You’re almost guaranteed to see a novel way of solving a problem. Read more ›

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Learning Faster

Child reading a book

Man, am I going through this: “The more you know, the more you realize how little you know.” And no, I don’t know who said that (see what I did there?). It can be overwhelming, but there are some key strategies that can make your path to mastery a little more sure-footed. Read more ›

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Photoshop Now With Artboards

Photoshop artboards preview

Photoshop CC just gotta big update with multiple art boards. If you use Photoshop to help you design apps or design websites this can be a great new feature for you. Read more ›

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