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Video Freebies

Screenshot of XStockvideo

Video is a great medium to share a story or for setting the stage, but high quality videos can be really pricey… until now. Here are 2 websites that generously offer high quality videos for free or very low cost.

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Making Smooth Beats

Screenshot of patatap website

Fun: For a long time, I’ve dabbled at times with drums trying to make some cool beats (alas, it’s been mostly for naught). Today’s nugget is a rhythm game web app called Patatap that actually does make some smooth beats.

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Design Lessons from 2014

Screenshot of 2014 design lessons blogpost at Co.Design

2015 is here! Today we’re taking a look back. A blogpost at Fast Co.Design website cherry picks some great design lessons from 2014 to implement in 2015. Have a gander.

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Typecast is Free

Screenshot of Typecast blogpost

Well, just in time for the holidays; Typecast is now free! For those unfamiliar with it, Typecast is an online web app that makes it much easier to compare fonts from a large library and prototype your web design’s typography.

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Explaining Responsive Design with Gifs

Animated gif of Responsive vs Adaptive design

Responsive web design has enabled many websites to become more adaptable to the smorgasbord of Internet-capable devices. But some of its terms can be hard to explain to someone who’s not a designer. Thankfully a blogpost by Sandijs Ruluks has

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WordCamp Is Coming to Maui

Screenshot of WordCamp Maui website

Now this is a rare event. The next WordCamp will be on February 13-14th, 2015 in Maui, HI (my nick of the woods, sort of).

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Git and WordPress Sandwich

Git and WordPress Sandwich

In this week’s post, Git and WordPress are coming together like ham and cheese (yummy!). I recently came across a series of videos by WordCamp speaker Amelia Briscoe showing how to set up Git’s awesome version control with WordPress.

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Oh hi logic game

Screen Shot of Oh hi game

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family. This week’s post is all fun (‘cuz we still probably can’t think from being in a food stupor). Say “Hi” to Oh hi, a simple logic game sorta like

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Extra Emmet Tricks

Statues talking about Emmet

Emmet is awesome ‘cuz it makes typing HTML and CSS so much easier. Just type a small Emmet snippet, hit the Tab key, and boom! It’ll automagically type out a big chunk of code for you. But I came across

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Git With It

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got into Git! As the video explains, Git is a version control software that helps you to manage different versions of your files especially when you’re working with a team of

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