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Sweet Photos for Blogging

Vintage camera on piano keys

Photos are essential to almost every website. They capture attention, make ideas stick, and add beauty and meaning. Photographers deserve support and recognition for their hard work so they can continue taking the awesome photos they do. But it can

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Say “Hello” to SVG

Do SVG images display clean and crisp on high resolution screens? Check. Do they have small file sizes? Sure do. Are they cross-browser? Pretty much, since most modern browsers and many previous generations have great support. But you may be

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Hellooooooo world!

Star Wars lego minifigure leaning on small globe of earth

In case you didn’t know, this is the 1st post of my 1st blog. Ever. Huzzah! To start things off, Blips blog will focus a lot on web design, tech, and other nerdy topics (Star Wars anyone?). So don’t be

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About Blips

This here fine blog is a collection of shiny things I've curated on my web travels. I'll be sharing a weekly nugget on—web design, marketing, cool tools, tech—and maybe a screencast or two.

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